​​​​​Victor Power produces world class products incorporating leading edge technology, which deliver unmatched performance and long-term value. These products are used extensively by system integrators and OEM for diverse applications in the communications, instrumentation, transportation, data processing, automation, test equipment, industrial control, medical, and military electronics markets. 

As a market leader in DC/DC power supplies, Victor Power‘s standard product portfolio is especially extensive. Our products cover a power range of 0.5W to 800W and include open-frame and enclosed models, highly configurable modular power supplies, and rack-mounting bulk power units.  Many of these products are also available in industrial approved versions.  The company also produces a series of special 300 V input high voltage DC/DC converters and power conditioning modules which are widely acknowledged as an industry leader in distributed power applications.  If your application requires a modified standard, custom design or high-reliability requirements, we have the engineering expertise and manufacturing capability to meet your needs.

Victor Power provides high quality, reliable advanced power solutions.  We offer our customers something truly desirable in marketplace – products that we stand behind confidently and are proud to put our name on. The pillars that support Victor Power are consistency, supportable quality, reliability, and in-depth technical support. Through years of experience, we have learned the value of these elements and are committed to providing them unfailingly to our customers.​


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